by American Space Monkey

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FLESH MECHANIC Hardcore gem with notable instrumental work, especially the guitars sound amazing. Favorite track: Top Shelf Glitter Box.
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In the most typical fashion possible for us, we decided to spend a year writing (mostly) new songs with a new vocalist for the sake recording a "proper" album in a legit studio. After achieving all of this, we decided we didn't want to play these songs anymore, and to some extent ended this version of the band.

Not sure what is next, but regardless of everything, we're proud of these songs and had blast writing and recording them.


released March 1, 2017

Adam - Bass
Cody - Guitars/Vocals
Justin - Guitar/Vocals
Kaija- Vocals
Kyle - Drums

Recorded/Mixied by Mark McKitrick at Rain City Recorders
Mastered by Stuart McKillop at Rain City Recorders

Music by American Space Monkey
Lyrics by Kaija




American Space Monkey Vancouver, British Columbia

A Vancouver based, somewhat Hardcore band playing obnoxious, abrasive music as loud as possible.

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Track Name: Leech Waters
Leech Waters

You take more than you pay for
For moral you turn the other cheek
You'll get what you pay for
You'll see what's weak

So you wanna be part of the elite
Wanna feel like you're worth gold
Is it worth taking another's heart beat so you'll never grow old

One day you're alive
The next you're suffering
To the media you abide
You create your own suffering
Do what you want with your time
It's in such a short supply
Your blood will dry
Bleed rinse repeat

Death matches your eyes
I'm sick from cries
All the lies
I can't decide
If i should do what's right
Take you by the throat and
Squeeze tight
Track Name: Shinigami

You're such a wannabe
Won't even make it to has been
It's sad how hard you're trying
Here borrow my machete 

Be headed it's deceptive
Far from eclectic
How far are you willing drive 
For a few short moments
To have all thee eyes

Here, I'll erase you're face
Select, a different shade
Full, body spray
Then, set you a blaze

I bet, your like the taste
You'd, be losing weight
You dance, with such grace
This is what it takes!

Do us a favour 
Take this meat cleaver
Start chopping until you meet the reaper
This is what it takes!
Track Name: 43% Botched
43% Botched

Fighting to stay alive
Try to breath but I'm to occupied
Will I make it out full of life
Forgiven and sanctified

Around the 23rd time around the sun
Didn't recognize who I had become
To the deep sea I had succumb
Frozen, suppressed and numb

Looking down at myself 
Didn't even faze 
Must break free from self 
Torn open no 

Desperate to get it right
Bleeding out my third eye
Swollen, abused and dry
Fluoride poisoned and calcified

Seeing red, suffocating running on quick sand
Praying Mr. Pan would take me to neverland
Was Ungrateful for every strand
Thinkin life was a scam

Help me
Help me please

Airs so clear but it's weighs a ton
Russian roulette I spun a gun and I won
Seeing red, suffocating didn't go as planned
Then I was pulled out
By this little hand

Fighting to stay alive 
Trying to breath but in too occupies
Track Name: Metapod
Metapod (Newy3)

What can we do
The sky is falling
You cannot hide
It's deafening 
The screams inside I will break through
This mess and be reborn with open arms

What if all that we knew
The knowledge installed in
Us, Was a lie 
It's dawning 

Stumbling alone this yellow brick road 
It's not where I want to be
Swallow my pride
Complete the journey that lie ahead and see

Trying to pursue
My true calling 
Down from deep inside
It's frightening

Striving to be true
But you're stalling
Wrapped in ego tight 
Its paralyzing 

The screams inside I will subdue
The threats and be reborn with open arms

What are you thinking by keeping it all inside 
You gotta release and forgive to feel alive
All your fears and insecurities cast them aside
You can do anything if you try
Nothing rewarding is free but free yourself and the world will start opening


Reach up give it your all
Stay down and you'll have nowhere to fall
For the worst and regrets of your life you owe it to yourself
Change for no one else 
And be great your all is always enough do it for yourself

I'll climb to the mountain top then break it down
Can't stop this warrior I'll make it I'll never stand down
Or be let down
Refuse to be another face in the crowd
Track Name: Book of Lies
Eyes of Isis

There's an every calm tonight
But it'll be alright
Just brave just brave
Into the darkest
Holy light
Just close your eyes
Shut up and save it save it
For the baptist
Suppose don't why
You've come tonight
You gave it gave it
Up to the oldest
Book of lies

We are a nation full of police who have no clue
Their numbers have increased but they don't protect you
Don't turn to the high priest unless you want to be screwed
Get on your knees get down on both knees
Sucking milk from the beast and saying thankyou
Keep us weak and diseased to make revenue
Why try to appease a revolution is overdue
Get off of your knees get off of your knees

It's caused us to bleed
This eternal greed
We're blinded, blinded
Until you're weakened
(By the darkest
Holy seed
Clench your knees
Tightly tightly
Until you're weakened )

That when they'll seize
Fees fees feees
Life's costly green green green
Ready for your treatment
No need to plead

They think that they have to think for yea
Crash dummies in all that they do
They know how to fuck with your aura
And your frequencies too
Show objective evidence that it's good for us
It's mostly poison you consume
We can rely on karma
And await your tomb

Bow down, before me
Look at me, I have all the money
Your honour your honour
Track Name: Intro
Adams an intro

Everytime I die, I'm indifferent
Every single Time, but this is different.
The dreams sublime when you don't resist it
It's a crime  I must be silent
Ill make you someday mine, it's worth thee effort 
with every cheesy line that I insert
I'm dying deep inside I hope you never

Live to regret this decision
The not knowing or seeing the prevision
Or feeding my addiction
I'm holding on for your affection
        Infect me 

Our colors align we Are ancient 
I'll give you my eyes to see it
It'll redefine and transmit
To the end of time your colors radiant
Merge it with mine feel the shift 
I'm dying deep inside my oppressed silence 

I'd give you my last life
If it meant you'd survive
If take fault for your crimes
At least for one dine

You make me wonder if these dreams are just here for pain
Ors the pain from your flame
If I'm near I can't complain 
Burning I can't refrain
I'm awe fully creepy watch while your sleeping
Track Name: Top Shelf Glitter Box
That's a clever disguise
The way the skin folds over your eye
Trapped between the thighs
You're old cold and dry

The smartest thing that came out your mouth was a penis
My middle finger gets a boner when I see yea
I'd call you one but you don't have the depth or warmth
Track Name: Dick Kicking Cock Knocker
Burning Pooppire

I close my eyes listen to the sound of the bass
My head bobs I'm taken to that special place
Your voice cuts in, pops my ear drums
Those were my favourite set

Die die mother fucker, that's what you get
Die die die mother fucker what did you expect?

I lay back watch the stars they shine
Eyes open wide, see constellations align
You come into view, burnt my retinas
Those were my favourite set

Die die mother fucker that's what you get
Die die die mother fucker haven't seen nothin yet

And what you deserve is what you have
Nothing and I'm glad, so fucking sad, I'm not even mad
Anymore, I ain't that joke you mistook me for
Maybe I exaggerate but your voice hurt
But not externally
My eyes burnt from fumes fueling your lies
Set off my cries for help, I need to do this by myself I can't be weighing someone down
Unless it's you, I'll pack six feet of dirt on your back now face the fact
Track Name: I Eat Ass For The Lord
I Kick Ass for the Lord(New olde) 

I'll wait
For the day
To be enslaved
Cut open wide
That's the day
Down my guns I'll lay
And I'll pray
Mouth open wide

I love you for all
Love you for all time 
Oh lord
I ripped out my spine for you
Oh lord
Drank endless wine for you 
Oh lord
Give me the swine flu oh lord

I isolate
With raging hate
Where's my clean slate
It's been compromised 
 Why play
This evil game
Do I even have a say
Or am I trapped by inside

What kind of show are you running
And did you think it was funny, that they'll just hand over their money to be accepted by somebody

Oh lord I bet you'd lift me up
Take me to places I've never been
I've never seen endless meanings
I bet you'd fill my cup, with sweet love
It would be you I trust 
Forgive me during and after I lust